Icecream Video Editor 2.05

Icecream Video Editor is an easy-to-use free video editing software that enables you to edit videos and create new ones from both videos and photos in a few minutes. Trim videos, add transitions and background audio, add titles and apply visual effects. You can also rotate, speed up, blur videos and much more. Customize audio: tune volume, add effects, fade-in, fade-out, and much more!

Features and Highlights

Merge videos and photos on a single timeline. Add transitions.

Add transitions
Choose one of 15 scene transitions or make it random. Add video effects.

Add video effects
Blur video, apply old movie effects or others.

Trim videos
Trim videos added to video editor. Add audio to video.

Add audio to video
Add music soundtrack or voice over. Add titles

Add titles
Add text to any video or photo scene on a timeline.

Change speed
Speed up or slow down videos.

Rotate and flip
Flip or rotate added video clips and photos.

Set video quality
Choose the video editor’s output video quality.

Easily upload your videos to YouTube, Dropbox and Google Drive.


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